Graffiti in the classical world had different connotations than they carry in today's society concerning content.

Ancient graffiti displayed phrases of love declarations, political rhetoric, and simple words of thought, compared to today's popular messages of social and political ideals The eruption of Vesuvius preserved graffiti in Pompeii, which includes Latin curses, magic spells, declarations of love, alphabets, political slogans, and famous literary quotes, providing insight into ancient Roman street life.

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Located near a mosaic and stone walkway, the graffiti shows a handprint that vaguely resembles a heart, along with a footprint and a number.

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Meer informatie, zoals over hoe je je instellingen kunt aanpassen, vind je hier: cookiebeleid.Both "graffiti" and its occasional singular form "graffito" are from the Italian word graffiato ("scratched")."Graffiti" is applied in art history to works of art produced by scratching a design into a surface.This is believed to indicate that a brothel was nearby, with the handprint symbolizing payment.The ancient Romans carved graffiti on walls and monuments, examples of which also survive in Egypt.If she can break my tender heart why can't I hit her over the head?