Jamie has the task of trying to recruit Dylan to interview for a job with GQ and begin working in New York City.

Dylan comes to New York and after interviewing for the position learns from Jamie that he has been given an offer to work for GQ.

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He also states that he regrets decisions he made in his youth to let her go.

Dylan's father tells him not to do the same thing, and to reconcile with Jamie if there is any chance of saving the relationship.

His sister informs him that their father will be flying to Newark and he needs to be picked up at the airport.

While at the airport, his father, in a moment of Alzheimer's-induced confusion, incorrectly recognizes a passer-by as a woman from his past. After regaining his lucidity, his father says that she was a woman he met in the Navy and "the love of my life".

This versioni of that age old platonic friends having sex until they realize there is something more to it tale stars Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, who, historically, have been much more willing to play dirty than dopelganger stars Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher (Oscars and step-children will do that to you).

The film seems to capture that higher (or lower) lever of smut, and in a new feature in Elle, the pair emphasize their raw openness. Addressing the question at hand -- whether friends can, indeed, have benefits without more -- Kunis gets scientific. "Ultimately, it ends when someone wants to go and get serious with somebody.Dylan realizes how he really feels about Jamie after talking with his father, and decides to go after her.He calls Jamie’s mother to set up an excuse to get Jamie to go to Grand Central Station thinking she will be picking up her mother.The magazine’s latest report is seemingly just a way to arbitrarily create a feud between two big celebrity couples, but there’s no truth to it.While most people have, in large part, rolled their eyes at the obviously titled romantic comedy, "Friends with Benefits," calling it, more or less, the exact same movie as January's "No Strings Attached," there seems to be a very particular, and distinctive, difference: raunch.Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are NOT in a feud with Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, despite a phony tabloid report. We’re told it’s “not true.” According to , during which time Biel and the singer were supposedly on a brief break.