Tii - i Tem 0271 - Idiots at the ITC Links Mentioned in this Episode: Sponsor - pro XPN - Promo Code = Tii Apple Releases i Tunes 11.0.4 Apple Releases Version 11.0.4 Of i Tunes IPhone 4 imports banned in U. patent case ITC kills smartphone innovation with Apple decision Here's Proof That Your Carrier Is NOT Throttling Your i Phone Data Speeds Apple plans hiring spree in Silicon Valley Apple raises i Pad, i Pod prices in Japan Apple registers i Watch trademark in Russia Apple Said to Start IPhone Trade-In Program in Stores - Bloomberg i Pad 5 coming next week?Gumdrop Cases is betting on it Apple's i Ad Staff Preparing For New Ad-Supported i Radio Service Report Says i Radio Will Offer Both Audio Ads And Regular i Ads Apple's WWDC 2013: Rumors and expectations What to expect from Apple at WWDC 2013 Apple TV Users Can Now Install Plex Jailbreak-Free Who do you like best: Google, Facebook or Apple? Tii - i Tem 0270 - The i Pod Touch gets an Up Down Grade Links Mentioned in this Episode: Help Save Podcasting!

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i Pad Ad - Business Insider The Arriba — Kickstarter Shazam app goes universal, Turning Off IPhone Critical to Pilots Reporting Interference Top 100 apps for new users - Lou V Apps Mentioned in this Episode: Tii App Garageband Swakker Skywrite Gallery 2in1 Droppy: Adventures A Joy Ride ofthe Jetpack Iron Man Dots 2 Dots Jelly Beans Card Lust Lubba Lost Colors School T00lz My Prayer Map Shazam Skifta Mini Player - Cydia…

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When most people think about innovation, they think of companies like Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Google because those companies appear to have some kind of magic that other organizations lack.

If your company wants to make lightning strike repeatedly, consider these points.

Tii - i Tem 0265 - Q1 2013 Quarterly Call Apple Q1 2013 - Quarterly Report Summary: Rev = $43.6 Billion (vs $39.2 Billion a year ago quarter and $54.5 Billion last quarter) Total Cash = $144.7 Billion (up $7.6 Billion for the quarter from $137.1 Billion) Last Quarter Sales: i Phones Sold = 37.4 Mil (vs 35.1 Mil a year ago quarter and 47.8 Mil last quarter) i Pads Sold = 19.5 Mil (vs 11.8 Mil a year ago quarter and 22.9 Mil last quarter) i Pod Touches Sold = Not given as usual but over half of the 5.6 Mil i Pods sold All i Pod's Sold = 5.6 Mil (vs 7.7 Mil a year ago quarter and 12.7 Mil last quarter) Misc Notes: $9 Billion in App payments to Devs all time, and now over $1 Billion per quarter.

Links Mentioned in this Episode: Apple - Press Info - FY 13 Second Quarter Results Conference Call Apple TVs have Wi Fi issues Some Apple TVs may have Wi-Fi issues, but Apple plans to replace them for free March Tablet Update: i Pad Usage Share Rises Apple Inc.

Tablet app revenues to surpass smartphones by 2018 Samsung Galaxy S4 less refined than Apple's i Phone 5 The IPad Remains The Undisputed Top Tablet Among Business Users Apple Offers Refurbished i Pad Mini and 4th-Generation i Pad for First Time Apple may up dividend by more than 50 percent, say analysts Making way for Apple's i Phone, China Mobile to spend .7B Apple's i Watch Will Measure More than Time SOSCharger - Kickstarter Motorola HX550 Bluetooth Headset i-Flash Drive HD CBS Brings Ad-Sponsored Streaming TV To i Phone And i Pad Apps Mentioned in this Episode: Tii App Garageband UPAD Guess That Celebrity Pro Scoreboard Tap Volleyball NCAA March Madness Live Air Display Proloquo2go Via Big Browser Speak It!

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- Forbes Is Google Acknowledging Android Is Not Secure?

Funny or Die explains the new Apple ad Button Track R - Indiegogo Logitech Acquires Kickstarter-funded TT Design Labs How a Kickstarter Project Became a Corporate Takeover Target Startup draws million for i Pad art Game Pop Promises i Phone Gaming on Your TV Microsoft rolls out Office Mobile for i Phone Office for i Phone: Microsoft delivers basic document editing, but no i Pad version How To Take Pre-Cropped Screenshots On i Phone Chart of the day: Android vs.

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