Decades after construction, native plant communities have thrived and matured, including wildflowers and herbacious perennials.There has also been a marked increase in the diversity of animal species and number of nesting birds on the site.

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These informational signs provide visitors with an understanding and appreciation of the Meadowlands’ unique and diverse urban eco-system.

De Korte Park, like the entire Meadowlands District, is located along the Atlantic Flyway, one of three major routes used by migratory birds in North America.

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Birders can be seen throughout the year with their binoculars and spotting scopes looking for Egrets, Osprey, hawks and falcons.

Trail guides can be downloaded above or copies can be found at the Park entrance.And to make things even easier, sign up is completely free, with no obligation to pay until you think you've found the one worth taking to the ballet.We guarantee it will be cheaper than all those dance classes!Originally built in 1991, the trail attracts thousands of nature lovers, bird watchers, school children, and those simply looking for a tranquil place for relaxation.During Hurricane Irene in 2011 and Superstorm Sandy in 2012 t Once part of the now-closed Kingsland Landfill, the six-acre site was initially called the “Experimental Park on a Landfill.” It was the first landfill-to-parks project in New Jersey and one of the first in the country.The park is also home to the NJSEA’s administrative offices.