Vampíry se hráči stanou (jako v mmsupernaturals) jen tak že hodí to, co si predefinuji na oltářOltář budou moci postavit pouze admini.

permissionsex chatmanager replacement-80

Set Use Permissions to false and add your Groups, instead of using Permission-Nodes!

2012-08-23 [INFO] [Auth Me] Cernokneznik logged in!

Server Connection.b(Source File:35) at net.minecraft.server. Dedicated Server Connection.b(Source File:30) at net.minecraft.server. Minecraft Server.q(Minecraft at net.minecraft.server. Dedicated Server.q(Dedicated at net.minecraft.server. Minecraft Server.p(Minecraft at net.minecraft.server. Minecraft at net.minecraft.server. Thread Server File:539)2012-08-23 [INFO] [Lag Meter] Loading Lag Meter v1.72012-08-23 [INFO] [World Edit] Loading World Edit v5.32012-08-23 [INFO] [Faka Heda Minequery] Loading Faka Heda Minequery v1.12012-08-23 [INFO] [mcore4] Loading mcore4 v1.0.02012-08-23 [INFO] [Vault] Loading Vault v1.2.17-b2242012-08-23 [INFO] [Permissions Ex] Loading Permissions Ex v1.19.32012-08-23 [INFO] [Permissions Ex] Initializing file backend2012-08-23 [INFO] [World Guard] Loading World Guard v5.5.32012-08-23 [INFO] [Colored Tablist] Loading Colored Tablist v1.82012-08-23 [INFO] [dynmap] Loading dynmap v0.70.3-12982012-08-23 [INFO] [Heroic Death] Loading Heroic Death v1.11.52012-08-23 [INFO] [i Conomy] Loading i Conomy v7.02012-08-23 [INFO] [Auth Me] Loading Auth Me v2.6.52012-08-23 [INFO] [Creative Gatesv2] Loading Creative Gatesv2 v1.0.02012-08-23 [INFO] [BKCommon Lib] Loading BKCommon Lib v1.232012-08-23 [INFO] [Modifyworld] Loading Modifyworld v1.19.32012-08-23 [INFO] [Mob Arena] Loading Mob Arena v0.94.4.802012-08-23 [INFO] [Money Drop] Loading Money Drop v1.6.22012-08-23 [INFO] [Essentials] Loading Essentials v2.9.32012-08-23 [INFO] [Residence] Loading Residence v2.6.52012-08-23 [INFO] [Citizens] Loading Citizens v1.2.12012-08-23 [INFO] [Chat Manager] Loading Chat Manager v1.19.12012-08-23 [INFO] [Dynmap-Essentials] Loading Dynmap-Essentials v0.142012-08-23 [INFO] [Essentials Spawn] Loading Essentials Spawn v2.9.32012-08-23 [INFO] [No Lagg] Loading No Lagg v1.87.32012-08-23 [INFO] [dynmap-residence] Loading dynmap-residence v0.202012-08-23 [INFO] [mcore4] Enabling mcore4 v1.0.02012-08-23 [INFO] [Vault] Enabling Vault v1.2.17-b2242012-08-23 [INFO] [Vault][Economy] Essentials Economy found: Waiting2012-08-23 [WARNING] i Conomy6 - If you are using Flatfile storage be aware that i Co6 has a CRITICAL bug which can wipe ALL iconomy data.2012-08-23 [WARNING] if you're using Votifier, or any other plugin which handles economy data in a threaded manner your server is at risk!

2012-08-23 [INFO] [No Lagg] Enabling No Lagg v1.87.32012-08-23 [SEVERE] [No Lagg] Failed to initialize dummy world for manager replacement:2012-08-23 [SEVERE]

2012-08-23 [INFO] [Essentials Spawn] Disabling Essentials Spawn v2.9.32012-08-23 [INFO] [Dynmap-Essentials] Disabling Dynmap-Essentials v0.142012-08-23 [INFO] [Chat Manager] Disabling Chat Manager v1.19.12012-08-23 [INFO] [Chat Manager] Chat Manager disabled!

2012-08-23 [INFO] [Citizens] Disabling Citizens v1.2.12012-08-23 [INFO] [Citizens] version [1.2.1] disabled.2012-08-23 [INFO] [Essentials] Disabling Essentials v2.9.32012-08-23 [INFO] [Vault][Economy] Essentials Economy unhooked.2012-08-23 [INFO] [Money Drop] Disabling Money Drop v1.6.22012-08-23 [INFO] [Money Drop] Shut down complete.2012-08-23 [INFO] [Mob Arena] Disabling Mob Arena v0.94.4.802012-08-23 [INFO] [Mob Arena] disabled.2012-08-23 [INFO] [Modifyworld] Disabling Modifyworld v1.19.32012-08-23 [INFO] [Modifyworld] Modifyworld successfully disabled!

Unknown Dependency Exception: Spout at org.bukkit.plugin. Simple Plugin Plugins(Simple Plugin at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.

Craft Plugins(Craft at org.bukkit.craftbukkit. Craft Server.reload(Craft at org.bukkit. Bukkit.reload( at org.bukkit.command.defaults. Reload Command.execute(Reload at org.bukkit.command. Simple Command Map.dispatch(Simple Command at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.

2012-08-23 [INFO] [BKCommon Lib] Disabling BKCommon Lib v1.232012-08-23 [INFO] [Creative Gatesv2] Disabling Creative Gatesv2 v1.0.02012-08-23 [INFO] [Creative Gatesv2 v1.0.0] Disabled2012-08-23 [INFO] [Auth Me] Disabling Auth Me v2.6.52012-08-23 [INFO] [Auth Me] Authme 2.6.5 disabled2012-08-23 [INFO] [i Conomy] Disabling i Conomy v7.02012-08-23 [INFO] [Vault][Economy] i Conomy 6 unhooked.2012-08-23 [INFO] [i Conomy] Closing general data...2012-08-23 [INFO] [i Conomy] Disabled.