Unmarked police vehicles prowl the streets of Tehran at night-time.

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NOTE: In 2017 I hitched with the thumb, because several iranian hitchers told me to do so, they were doing the same.

Also I noticed many times that locals gave me the thumb as a positive gesture, for example when taking selfies.

Stay away from demonstrations, you might be considered a journalist travelling on a tourist visa.

Problem 1: not being able to hitchhike In Iran, everybody stops to take passengers on the road, especially if you're a girl.

You should not forget to say you're traveling with no money as most of the cars become taxis when they stop for you.

(but people might offer you to pay your ride by bus).

The translation of this word found in English-Farsi dictionaries seem to have a confusing effect on locals of Iran since they hear it for the first time in their lives. lotfan I don't want to pay - Man nemikham pul bedam In the North West of Iran (Tabriz area, until Qazvin), Turkish will work equally well.

Though some people (especially couchsurfers or young Tehranians) know about it, call it "autostop" or English "hitchhiking". ) otherwise you can also use the magic word salavaati which works quite good. Watch out when somebody says a ride is for free: it might in fact not be.

Violating the dress code, talking to woman in the street is no problem at all.