You aren't guaranteed to learn absolutely nothing, but you aren't guaranteed to learn exactly anything OVER 1 skill as well as you get older (that starts around 11 in my opinion) and it makes it harder to learn specific things.As of right now, all of the lands (Storyland, Futureland, etc) are maintenance and we can't actually get INTO them.

Jumpstart recently partnered with Dreamworks (the creator of beloved animated movies such as Madagascar) to bring the Magagascar Zoosters into the Jumpstart World. My brothers and sisters love it imean they are on the site evrry minuit af evrry day!! It is easy to use for younger players, I even play it sometimes.

Now Gloria, Alex, the penguins, Melman, Marty, and Mort are in the Jumpstart World for your kids to interact with in the Central Park Zoo. There are new things to ride on, every month or holiday.

I'm not one to do so, but I know LOTS of people my age will.

One thing though is that it seems like we can't ever lose type chat anymore.

I know that I'm too old for the game (It says 9-12 years old) but I met a lot of people that are fun to be around and have kept them ever since I started playing when I was 7.

What the title of my review says is that the game is fun to play (for younger kids when it comes to like dress-up with your friends and stuff) or chat to people on, but the fact that it says it's for learning is pretty well kinda fake.The game is slightly expensive for a video game, but not for a learning software.It's .99 a month, and also includes Math Blaster membership for the same amount of time.One thing I REALLY don't like is that now, in 2016, they've gave the characters/avatars an ENTIRELY different look- the legs are EXTREMELY skinny, as are the arms, and the feet are very small for their height.The bodies are also WAY too skinny and it looks like they're encouraging people to be extremely skinny, or making fun of people with an eating disorder.This game is best for Preschool up to 4th Grade in my opinion.