Established in 1893, the College was originally known as County Laboratories, teaching agriculture and horticulture and becoming the County Technical Laboratories in 1903.

In 1912 a further name change occurred, becoming the East Anglian Institute of Agriculture.

We design and build successful websites and create successful marketing collateral across multiple industry sectors, including sports & leisure, publishing, lifestyle & social, building & construction, health & education and business & retail.

WUC specialises in areas such as landscape and garden design, landscape architecture and contemporary art and design.

The landscape based courses offered are accredited by the Landscape Institute.

The university college has extensive facilities considering its relatively small size.

It has an on-campus library, fully equipped science building and is based on a very large and beautifully landscaped 550 acre estate.

There has been major investment in IT and science facilities, with free university college network access for every student resident on campus.

The University College has a Lecture Theatre complex, numerous halls of residence and newly refurbished its Recreation Centre, including its student venue, The Baa and Chef.

Annually, WUC holds an end of year exhibition that celebrates the final pieces of third year undergraduate students.

Students present their pieces of art to potential employers, family and friends.

These facilities include 2 indoor riding schools - one brand new, an equine Hydrotherapy unit and a therapy barn.